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Herein lies a cautionary tale of one man's descent down the slippery slope of COIN ADDICTION. It is not a pretty story, and the faint of heart or impressionable should exit now ... while there's still time ...

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I didn't think too much of dead Roman emperors when I was in school. After all, they were dead, and so was their empire, right? I learned just enough to pass the class, then promptly forgot all about them. I always had a fascination for old U.S. coins, though, and I collected them through the years. It was a thrill to hold in my hand a two-cent piece that had been in circulation on the day that John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln. And I was able to keep my "habit" under control ... or so I thought ...

About three years ago, I suddenly got the urge to own "one very old coin". Hey, what could it hurt? I'd been collecting U.S. coins practically forever with no ill effects, and ancient coins were just like U.S. coins, except a bit stronger, right?

I'd become a regular at San Diego Coin and Bullion. Well, Chad was the ancient coin expert (still is), and he steered me to a nice big bronze coin featuring a fellow named Philip I. Seems Philip had been a general under Gordian III. Philip undermined the soldiers' confidence in poor Gordian (a nice and far too trusting kid), then convinced Gordian to come out campaigning with him. Well, guess who got murdered by the soldiers, and who became the new emperor? Surprise, surprise!

So of course, I had to have that nice Gordian III denarius, too. Next thing I knew, I had most of the Emperors all the way back to Nerva, so it seemed only natural to sample a few low-grade "Twelve Caesars" coins.

I might have been okay if I'd stuck to the Roman Imperials, but one day, innocently enough, I tried a few Judaean Perutot. This led almost immediately to Parthian and Sassanian drachmae, and the big thrill of some high grade Seleukid Silver. But when I found myself fondling a Corinthian stater and an old-style Athenian tetradrachm at the same time, I knew I was ... an ANCIENT COIN ADDICT!!!

But realizing you've got a problem is the first step to the cure, and I'm happy to report that I'm well on the road to recovery. I haven't bought a coin in weeks, and I'm nearly over the shakes and night sweats. I expect to make a full recovery.

Meanwhile, could some kind soul slip me just one little Aegina Turtle, just to tide me over ... ?

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